Global Employment Outsourcing

Gain an automatic
workforce presence in
over 179 countries.

How Global Employment Outsourcing works

Expanding into new geographic markets presents numerous workforce challenges. Dealing with them quickly is the key to success.

In just two weeks, Safeguard Global, through Global Employment Outsourcing, acts as your “employer of record” for your international employees. We navigate local tax and labor laws, regulations and benefits, so you get down to business without a moment wasted.

Onboarding Call

Every country has unique legislation regarding local taxes, labor laws and regulations, in-country benefits. In this call, we guide you through each and every one of them, so you can make informed decisions.

Validate Data Upfront

Contracts are everything. As is getting them right. We prepare employment contracts, with a keen eye for any customization options your company should require, compliance with legal statutes and local market-accepted practices.

Employee Begins Work

Upon your final review and approval of the employment contract, your employee begins work. While reporting day-to-day to your organization, the employee remains compliantly employed by us.

Pay Employee and Remit Taxes

All payroll and expense payments to your employees are administered by us, including payments and tax filings to local authorities. We work alongside you to manage any ongoing HR issues, including any terminations, as required.

Simple Billing

Billing is simple, efficient and accurate. You receive a single invoice per country detailing your employees’ salary, social costs, commissions, and service fees.

Discover growth through
better managed global outsourcing.