Don’t Let a Missing Sock Thwart HR Compliance


One of the most common problems I encounter in my daily interaction with HR professionals is what I’ve come to call the “missing sock.”

In laundry, you have a list of required steps: sorting, washing, drying, folding. But no matter how diligent you are, when it comes to completing the process—putting everything away—you’re sometimes faced with a complication. The missing sock.

In HR, you have a list of required steps and rules to abide by when it comes to hiring, compensation, benefits and training of employees. But no matter your diligence, sometimes employees present you with an unexpected obstacle. The missing sock.

A frequent missing sock I see in HR is when an employee has a change in their family situation that requires them to move to another country. Not wanting to lose a good employee, a company agrees to a remote work arrangement—but then has to deal with the HR fallout of having an employee living and working in another country.

At Safeguard Global, missing socks are our specialty. We present guidance for companies to be compliant and serve their newly international employees.

Just sending money to an employee in another country can lead to fines and penalties. Things like worker misclassification and failure to contribute to the social system for things like healthcare and pension can spell trouble for the company.

If you’re faced with this HR missing sock, however, you do have options.

One is to set up a legal entity in the country your employee resides. This includes registering with the government to be an employer, registering to pay social costs locally, and getting a bank account, HR retainer, upfront investment, lawyers, accountants and insurances.

Another option is to use an employer of record service in the country your employee resides. Then employment, payroll and HR would be taken care of on your behalf. There are no setups, no fixed terms—and considerably less risk.

Unlike the missing sock in your laundry, there’s usually a solution for an HR missing sock. Get in touch and we’ll help you find it.

Mark Robbins, VP of EMEA Sales

Mark Robbins, VP of EMEA Sales


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