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If global expansion is on your radar, then you’ve likely come across something called international PEO as a potential avenue for adding employees in new locations around the world. Let’s get right to the point: Much of the information circulating about international PEO is mistaken. That’s because the term “international PEO” largely has been co-opted to describe a practice that, when employed on the global scale, doesn’t actually fall within the realm of a professional

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4 tips for sustaining GDPR compliance

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) went into effect in May 2018, and 10 months later, it’s a good time to revisit these sweeping changes. You may remember the buildup, and how most


Why data is key to payroll change management

Data already plays an integral role in shaping companies’ global growth strategies and informing business-critical decisions. So when it comes to weighing changes to payroll and HCM systems, data should be a key consideration—after all,


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